Hydraulic valve blocks with no deviation in valve hole accuracy, AAK replaced Russian manufacturer

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Hydraulic valve blocks with no deviation in valve hole accuracy, AAK replaced Ru...
Posting date : Oct 04, 2022
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Sumarokov comes from Russia and has been engaged in the procurement of hydraulic valve blocks for 7 years. His boss also thinks highly of him. At the beginning of the year, Sumarokov needed to purchase a hydraulic valve block for use in a hydraulic tractor. He took samples from local hydraulic valve block manufacturers, and the test run was smooth. But he didn't expect that 1 month after the sale of the hydraulic tractors, some customers complained that the equipment was unstable and there was leakage at the hydraulic valve block aperture, but the original hydraulic valve block manufacturer thought that it had nothing to do with their hydraulic valve blocks. There were more and more complaints from customers, but the original manufacturer did not cooperate, and Sumarokov had a big headache.


On B2B, Sumarokov saw many articles about hydraulic valve blocks from AAK and left us a message: can you ensure that every valve hole of hydraulic valve blocks is processed without deviation? I guessed that the machining accuracy of the holes of the hydraulic valve blocks he purchased was uneven. After communication, I learned that he was in trouble. I told him that most hydraulic valve block manufacturers use 5 processes of drilling, reaming, spot facing, reaming and grinding to process the valve holes. The hidden trouble is that in the process of hole reaming and grinding, the expansion of the orifice is not easy to control, and the aperture may not be absolutely consistent.


I suggested Sumarokov directly trying AAK samples of the hydraulic valve blocks. Whether AAK can do it well or not, it does not depend by mouth. You can tell by the samples directly. Sumarokov accepted my proposal and paid for the development cost. After 25 days, 40 hydraulic valve blocks were sent out to solve the customer's complaint first. Last week, Sumarokov said in an email that it has been 3 months since AAK hydraulic valve block was installed on the hydraulic tractor, and there is no complaint of leakage.


The hydraulic valve block looks simple, but in the processing of valve holes, the processing technology needs to be determined according to different accuracy requirements, not simple drilling, reaming, spot facing, reaming and grinding. AAK is different and lead most hydraulic valve block manufacturers with 3 points.


1. Choose the reamer. For the processing of the valve hole of this hydraulic valve block, we use the reamer made of 50W6MO5G4V2A1 material with hardness of HRC66 instead of the conventional W18Cr4V. 


2. In terms of equipment, we use a high-precision machining center imported from Switzerland. The roughness of the processed hydraulic valve block valve hole can reach Ra value of 0.8-0.4μm. The ovality circle error and taper error can be controlled within 0.01-0.02mm, and the valve hole size accuracy can be controlled within 0.01mm.


3. In terms of processing technology, it is processed by 5 links: drilling, reaming, rough reaming, fine reaming, and no edge reaming and squeezing. The increase in the outer diameter of each link is controlled at 0.02mm, and kerosene is used for cooling in the processing process. The cutting amount is strictly controlled, and V = 2m / min and F = 0.3mm/n are implemented.


AAK hydraulic valve block, processed with good tricks and Swiss leakage free seal technology, you can have a small try!


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