Kamprofile gasket Serrated Gasket

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Kamprofile gasket Serrated Gasket
Posting date : Mar 13, 2014
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Ningbo Gaote Sealing Co.,LTD is direct and professional in manufacturing Metal Spiral Wound Gasket, Metal kammprofile Gasket, reinforced graphite gasket, Metal double Jacketed Gasket, Metal Ring joint gasket, PTFE envelope Gasket, Insulation Suite and Expanded PTFE Belt, Graphite Sealing Belt, Rubber Sealing Belt, Aramid Fiber Packing, Carbon Fiber Packing, PTFE Packing, Graphite Packing, Synthetic Fiber Packing, Glass Fiber Packing, Ceramic Fiber Packing, Graphite Sheet, PTFE Sheet, Non asbestos Sheet, Asbestos Rubber Sheet, Rubber Sheet,hydraulic fitting, hydraulic adapter, ferrule and so on. contact way: Contact person:shelley huang Emali: sales5@gotsealing.com MSN: shelley2008298@live.cn WEB:www.gotsealing.com Mobile phone:+86-136 8584 2325 Fax:0086-574-63925069 Product Information: Description: GOT Kammprofile gasket , generally processed to be concentric groove in the two faces of the stainless steel flat gasket by precise lathes. According to the different medium, w can choose flexible graphite, PTFE, non-asbestos, or other soft metal, to sick to the two faces of the gasket. It can directly be used without sealing layer, and the effect is good. But under the high pressure occasion, it will be easy to do damage to the surface of the flange. 410 basic type Kammprofile gasket 410L Kammprofile gasket with outer ring (integral type) 410LM Kammprofile gasket with outer ring (split type) Model 410LM split type Metal toothed gasket with outer ring, can choose richer metal, e.g. carbon steel, as the outer ring, and the outer ring thickness can be 1.5mm, more flexible and economic than the integral type 410L, and the lining metal can be repeatedly used.

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